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Nick Molina is the CEO of International Vapor Group

February 22, 2014
Nick Molina is the CEO, of Chief Executive Officer, of International Vapor Group. This is a manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of electronic cigarette products and accessories. The company has thrived by providing access to a viable alternative for tobacco cigarette smokers who want to quit, but are still addicted to their habit. Electronic cigarettes produce water vapor instead of the harmful smoke of tobacco cigarettes. No tar, no cancer causing carcinogens, and no bad smell at all. International Vapor Group is one of the most highly respected firms in the electronic cigarette industry. They create durable products so that consumers' investment into quitting tobacco cigarettes will be worth it. Some of the very popular brands of electronic cigarettes associated with International Vapor Group include EverSmoke and South Beach Smoke. Creating high quality products is the aim, but they also want to be able to provide products that are affordable and effective.